Welcome to the City Vision University Virtual Financial Aid Office!

You can use this site to apply for Pell Grants that can be applied toward your education at City Vision University. We do not participate in the Federal Student Loan program.

Before you can begin the online financial aid interview, which determines how much aid you can receive, you must create a website account.

We also recommend that you fill out your FAFSA now, since information from your FAFSA will be required to complete the financial aid application process. Also, you can use the EFC number from your completed FAFSA to get an estimate of the financial aid you will receive from our Financial Aid Estimator

Once you have a website account, and have completed your FAFSA, you should log in and go to the Student Interview Center to complete your online financial aid interview. This interview will be used to determine your eligibility for aid. 

PLEASE NOTE: On the interview there is a question which asks "Will you have your first bachelor's degree before you begin the 2019-2020 school year?" Only say "Yes" if you already earned a bachelor's degree by July 1, 2019. If you say "Yes", you will not be eligible for federal student aid from City Vision.

After completing the interview, you may be asked to submit additional supporting documentation. These documents will be available from this website.

Finally, if you have been approved for aid, you will be notified via e-mail of the amount that you will receive, based on current enrollment, and the estimated schedule on which it will be awarded to you.

We look forward to your studying with us. You may contact financialaid@cityvision.edu if you have any questions about financial aid requirements, or the application process.

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